Add shortcuts to the desktop, notification bar, and search+keyboard! Toggles, quick actions, and more!

About QuickCut

Includes notification bar shortcuts, along with desktop shortcuts, and Search + button shortcuts.
Now includes toggles for wifi, airplane, more! Along with direct call shortcuts and text message shortcuts. Almost any shortcut you can imagine.

What users are saying

Awesome app! I love all the options. Thanks for keeping it free man!


Since the N1 removed the hardware phone button, a dropcut was the only way I could run the phone app from anywhere. Awesome. Thanks.


Your the man Mike!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sick a$$ app. Easily replaces 4 other apps I was using THANX for fixing multiple "toggle" DropCut problem!!!!



If the technicians who work on Android phones all day long recommend it, you know this is a decent app for technical users. The tool lets you create shortcuts--essentially, icons that can launch an app, or perform various features--to the desktop or notification tray, or create new keyboard shortcuts that launch an app.

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