Bird Bar!

Check notifications while playing a game without losing your progress.

About Bird Bar

Check notifications while playing a game without losing your progress. NOW you can check on your notifications even when you are playing a full screen game! With Bird Bar, all you need to do is swipe from off the edge of your screen onto the screen. It's sort of like you are already doing, except you don't need to see the notification bar or status bar to do it and it works from any side of the screen!
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What users are saying

Wow. This is a prime app. Absolutely amazing. Glad I found this.


Awesome. Best app I didn't even know I needed.


Well deserved purchase. I echo Christopher above. I too came upon this app via Lifehacker. I bought the app and it is now in my Top 5 Required Android Apps. Great app!



We've all been there: You settle down for some intense Angry Birds action, and you get a text message—but you don't have a notification bar to drag down. Just run Bird Bar side-by-side with your full screen apps or games and you'll have access to it no matter where you are. You can drag it down from the top as normal, or even configure Bird Bar to let you drag it in from the sides as well.


One thing I hate is having to exit out of a full screen game to check on my notifications. Enter Bird Bar Notifications, a unique tool that allows you to swipe down on your screen to reveal your status bar even when it isn't visible. Not only do you gain that ability, but you can also enable pop-up notifications, which is even better in my opinion.

Android Police

With Bird Bar Notifications Tool you do not have to bear the pain of losing your game progress or pausing your videos. Instead, the app lets you check your notifications while your device is running in full-screen. The method is quite simple too.

Addictive Tips
× Important I can't click certain buttons!
Some buttons can not be clicked while Bird Bar is running, so disable Bird Bar temporarily. This usually only happens when you try to install a new app.